T2 Digital help clients select and implement systems that meet their business needs.

We design, install and maintain Fire, TECS, Security & TV, systems.

Our designs are appropriate, compliant & demonstrate clear value .

” T2 Digital have shown they have the pre-requisite qualities, clients such as Housing 21 demand. Additionally, they have the flexibility to adapt, adjust and change their approach to enable cost and time efficient delivery even within the most demanding and extraordinary circumstances. “

We work across the housing sector to ensure people and buildings are connected and protected. Our clients provide housing for diverse communities & are increasingly dependant on digital systems to keep residents safe, connected and entertained.

The upgrade of the UK phone network from analogue to digital is speeding up. As a result, the need for housing providers that deliver TECS services, to adopt digital systems is becoming more urgent. Analogue TECS devices will not work reliably on digital networks, so providers have little choice, but to upgrade their equipment.

“There Is No ‘Digital Strategy’ Anymore, Just Strategy In A Digital World”-

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