The Government’s directive to upgrade all schools, colleges and universities to broadband and to equip them and their pupils for the 21st Century has led to an explosion of digital and communication services being installed in education facilities across the nation.

In addition, Head Teachers, governing bodies and educational authorities are increasingly aware of the need to protect staff and pupils and indeed the fabric of the buildings.

As a result, T2DigitalTV is installing on an on-going basis a range of security and surveillance systems, door security and access equipment alongside digital Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) to schools and colleges throughout the UK.

The increasingly complex nature and availability of security systems available to schools and the constant improvements and specifications of digital communication equipment ensures that each installation is unique. To cater for this demand, T2DigitalTV has created a design and installation team specifically responsible for the Education sector, their knowledge and expertise is now being deployed in both the public and private sector.

Working in such sensitive environments it has been necessary for T2DigitalTV and its dedicated team to undergo a rigorous selection process and implement Health and Safety systems that far exceed the norm. Given the sensitive working environment in which our team operates, each member has undergone strict CRB clearance checks and additional training.